Friday, March 12, 2010

Doggie Bloggie ☺

Short and sweet blog.... The Doggie Bloggie.

A very special thanks to one of my good friends who trusted me to make AddieTudes for his precious Yorkies. What an honor!!!! Whitney and out, AddieTudes is making you something that will make your tail wag ♥
I have to say, I am in love!

Hmmmm.....Put myself in a Yorkie's shoes, er, ummm fur. Female Yorkie. I would want the biggest fluff of puff to prance around in. Not just any old puff will do. It needs 3 layers, 3 colors, ruffles (what's an AddieTude without ruffles???!?!) a bow, and of course MY name. Can't forget the flower. Watch out fellow Yorkies, Whitney is coming to the parade in her Puppy Parfait Tutu.............A girl's gotta turn some heads!

Can't leave out Mr. Tucker. He is gonna strut his stuff in his new St. Patty's Day Vest. Could it be any softer? I think not! I can not wait to see the cutest Yorkie in the Metroplex modeling his handmade vest, complete with monogrammed tagging! Looking handsome, Tucker, all decked out.

Stay tuned for pics of the cutest Yorkies in DFW ♥
As always, emails are welcome for ordering and any other inquiries. You may also visit my Etsy store at
Happy Shopping ☺

For now, use your imagination ...check these out! Whitney and Tucker, AddieTudes adores you!!!!
Much love,
Mylene Bloggerson

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