Saturday, March 27, 2010


Wow. Wow. Wow. Check this out for Opening Day.

I can not thank you all enough for whispering sweet not-so-nothings in my ears the last few months. What whispers, you ask? "Make boys clothes." "Got any ideas for boy clothes?" "How much longer until boy stuff comes out?"

The much appreciated whispers did not go ignored....Please know that I have been racking my brain..not just for clothing but these clothes needed a NAME. C'mon, you all know how I am about names. Crazy for names! It started with boxers. I made a pair for Kaden (the hippo boxers). I stared and stared and stared at those things. I knew I couldn't just say "Hey, you wanna buy a pair of boxers???" "How about some underwear? Yes, I make underwear." Heck no, if it was to be related to ©AddieTudes--it HAD to stand out! Just to give you a *glimpse* of what goes on in this head o' mine:

*Random thoughts* boxers, roxers, underwear, stinky pants, knickerbockers, knickers, boxers, stinkers (you with me???see where I am going??) little shorts, little stinkers, littlebockers...wait, wait, wait for it.....

©StinkerBockers! I adore A-Ha moments.

Stinker: for all of the cute little boy stinkers in the world. God Bless them♥ You are all just too darn cute!

Bockers: simple, sweet, short for knickerbockers

StinkerBockers. What a giggly word. Imagine a child who says "StinkerBockers." That Cute, crinkly, wrinkled up nose and eyes that can light up the universe. Topped off with the most contagious giggly smile ever.

To that, I say, Giggle. Out. Loud.

These kids are gonna Rock their 'Bocks!

Ell-o-vee-e ♥ Dream Big.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm cute. Put a bow on me ♥

The last day or so, I have been eyeing the pile of "notions" I have. This said pile is growing bigger by the minute. Fluff, fabric, ribbon, rick rack, buttons. You name it, I have a pile of it.

Why haven't I made bows??????? No real answer to that--other than I was probably too busy trying to figure out how the heck to attach a sleeve. TG for YouTube.

Funny, before I had Addison, I really was gung-ho on the following: "If I EVER have a girl, she will not wear bows, bells, ruffles and whistles!!" Fast forward to the present: Not only do I have a precious little girl. Not only does she wear all of the above mentioned items. BUT I am making them, selling them, loving them. God has really Blessed in me in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

Never has it been so right to be so wrong ♥

Loving you from the inside out,


Friday, March 12, 2010

Doggie Bloggie ☺

Short and sweet blog.... The Doggie Bloggie.

A very special thanks to one of my good friends who trusted me to make AddieTudes for his precious Yorkies. What an honor!!!! Whitney and out, AddieTudes is making you something that will make your tail wag ♥
I have to say, I am in love!

Hmmmm.....Put myself in a Yorkie's shoes, er, ummm fur. Female Yorkie. I would want the biggest fluff of puff to prance around in. Not just any old puff will do. It needs 3 layers, 3 colors, ruffles (what's an AddieTude without ruffles???!?!) a bow, and of course MY name. Can't forget the flower. Watch out fellow Yorkies, Whitney is coming to the parade in her Puppy Parfait Tutu.............A girl's gotta turn some heads!

Can't leave out Mr. Tucker. He is gonna strut his stuff in his new St. Patty's Day Vest. Could it be any softer? I think not! I can not wait to see the cutest Yorkie in the Metroplex modeling his handmade vest, complete with monogrammed tagging! Looking handsome, Tucker, all decked out.

Stay tuned for pics of the cutest Yorkies in DFW ♥
As always, emails are welcome for ordering and any other inquiries. You may also visit my Etsy store at
Happy Shopping ☺

For now, use your imagination ...check these out! Whitney and Tucker, AddieTudes adores you!!!!
Much love,
Mylene Bloggerson

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Name, name, what's in a name?

AddieTudes. Where did it come from? Simple. Beautiful. Unique. Sweetness. Girly. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of my daughter, Addison. Known as 'Addie' for short. .....soooooooooooooooooooooooooo AddieTudes! it is, was and will forever be.

Coming up with a business name was no easy task. *almost* like naming your first born. Once you name, kinda hard to change it. AddieTudes doesn't have a middle name, so I would never be able to call the biz by middle name. AddieTudes Maria. Ummm, no. I like the name Maria, don't get me wrong. Just no.

Up next...a catch phrase. You know, Nike has "Just Do It." As much as I want to tell all of you AddieTudes.."Just Do It." I am really not at a point in my life that I would like to invite a lawsuit. It took what seemed forever to come up with something. I wanted something specific. Something with meaning. Something that would awe me and give me those emotional goosebumps every single time I read it. I jogged my brain, took multiple trips down memory lane, doodle and oodled over words, symbols, wingdings, whatever. I remember driving in my car and it fell in my lap. AddieTudes....from the inside out......

We love from the inside out, our personalities are from the inside out and of course, our ADDIETUDES are from the inside out. Not to mention, in the art of sewing and creating, it is done inside out. All of these things fit perfectly.

That being said, I knew from that moment on, I wanted AddieTudes to be worn from the inside out (not INSIDE OUT ☺ although...that could be my next project, there are some secret things in the works.) It was completely on my heart that whoever you are and wherever you live, I wanted my AddieTudes creations to bring your child joy, smiles and giggles upon giggles. Above all, I wanted your child to feel love, From the Inside Out.

AddieTudes. Unique, just like your child. xoxoxoxo

Have a great Tuesday♥

Mylene (The meaning behind my name? My parents are AWESOME! I am blessed to have each of their names combined to form my own. Michael and Lynn. Love you , Mom and Dad!!!!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Very First Blog!

Allrighty, let's see what all this blog hype is all about.....So far so good. I am digging the layout and the font. Let's hit the gates running with this blog. I want to be known as Bloggy Bloggerson.

Where do I want to start? An introduction? Do I want to introduce myself? Or, do I want to change names to protect the innocent? Totally kidding.

Let's talk sewing. Wow! I am in LOVE, do you hear me, L♥Ve with this new found hobby turned business ☺. Who woulda thunk it? All because I wanted a handmade item for Addison's 1st birthday. To be more specific....A dress that was made of the following items: Fabric, thread and ribbon. The items weren't the issue. The lack of sewing knowledge was the issue. Ok, I'll be more specific about that too. The fact that I had never touched a sewing machine in the three decades I've been roaming around was the real-deal issue. Thank you, Mindy for the crash course. A quick shout out to You Tube and probably wouldn't hurt either.

Fast forward to today, 6 months later, said Birthday Dress for Addison has been worn. Said dress is now known as AddieTudes! The collection is growing, growing, growing. The business has taken off! Where will it go next? ♥Go big or go home♥ We have Rufflepalooza (daily) in this house. It's not a complete day if it doesn't start with an amazing cup of coffee and a end with a mile-long ruffle.

The latest and greatest addition to AddieTudes are Ruffly Bum Diaper Covers (no, I do not make them in Adult Sizes!). Ummmmm, I inserted pics but I am a newbie to this. Oh! There they are....look up , up , and up. You know at the top of this thingy. Yup, there they are. Cuteness. 25.00, includes shipping, monogramming and cuteness. Did I say that already?! I'll say it again. Cuteness.

I could keep going on but I'll stop here. I don't want to blog EVERYTHING in one day. There I did it. I blogged. I like it. Imagine that, the social butterfly, likes this bloggy stuff. I want you all to know my business. Well, not all of it.

Happy reading!


Bloggy Bloggerson (most of you know me as Mylene. You can call me that☺)